Well look at me, looking all professional! Trust me it doesn't happen often, I prefer to be much more relaxed while I work, unless of course, it is required for visiting a business..

Okay honestly, I hate doing these 'about me' things, so bare with me as I'm just not very good at them.

I started to work for myself because I am a single parent, to a child with aditional needs. I prefer it this way, as I get to work from home and teach the little one and who doesn't prefer to be at home really?

As you can see in the picture above, I'm coding this website and changing it, live! Something I shouldn't do but as it is my website, I can be a bit more relaxed with it. I've been working in and around computing for most of the previous 15 years - I worked at PC World for a while but I sent all the customers to maplins, where it was cheaper and better, it's safe to assume that employment didn't last too long!

I have a pet peeve with shops that deliver silly, overpriced, services, which is why I set up my own business, 5 years later I moved back to Preston and set up again. I am completely self taught and have over 10 years experience in fixing everything from; laptops, to gaming desktops, to epos machines! (Which are just tills being run on from a computer). I won't charge you the earth because I think PC repair isn't and shouldn't be as expensive as it is!

More about me..? Really, can it not be over with already?

You have probably noticed I'm not like most PC websites, I really dislike the disingenuous websites that seem to overload you with information, which is why I like the fact that my site has a much more personal feel to it. I like things to be kept simple and easy.

I love to fix things - anything and everything; and you know what, I am really good at it! So much so, that I have a constant string of work, with calls coming in from people as far as Germany! I even have some shops which call me when they get stuck. This isn't because im some 'all powerful computer genius', but because in this field, experience talks! I will go out of my way to help and doing so keeps me current in my work, (something that is very much needed), and because let's be honest now, as the picture gave it away, I'M A NERD!

I am ok with that, I like that, as I truly live and breath technology, I am #SYSADMIN!, which basically means my idea of a good time is, for example, installing a new version of Linux, getting the energy drinks and crisps out, and getting down to it!

No i don't have a neckbeard Most of the time! Sorry - more linux humour, I really should stop... i bet my customers are just running away!

Having said that, this is my website, I should be exuding confidence and professionalism. As you can probably tell, that just isn't me, I'm laid back, relaxed and very much community minded. My reviewers even tell me that I should charge more money, but money isn't why I do the job, it isn't what's important, so it isn't a motivation for me. If i can make ends meet, and have a blast with some really cool people I'll be happy; which is far more important than money.

I've made some excellent friends through my work, and we've stayed really great friends, most of whom say, for some reason that they want to adopt me... it's actually quite worrying!

Thank you for reading, I'm sorry that I've wasted half of your life with this bloody thing. The only thing I can say now, is that I did warn you, 'I am no good at these things!'.

No seriously, I hate them, they're like foozball... THEY ARE THE DEVIL! no matter who you are"