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Welcome! Piratech computing is happy to be live and Trading! Those who have followed us welcome back.

Piratech computing is a from home business, please don't let that put you off, all that means is you have a company that is fully insured, and with very few over heads. This means big savings for you; but don't just take my word for it, you can see our reviews and make your own mind up! You are not 'just a customer' with us, you are an ongoing investment.

PC Repair:

I know the headache of having your computer go kaput on you, it is a hassle no one needs and here at Piratech computing we have a saying; 'PC repair not piracy!'. We all know most computer repairs take time as opposed to cost.

We have 2 rates; 'Personal Rate' - this is for the home computer user, the general repairs, which are extremely cheap compared to most other repair services available and the 'Business Rate' - which is still cheaper than most consumer based repair services.

Web Hosting/design:

If you need a website - we are the company for you! Most companies charge, in my opinion, extortionate rates for simple website designs, that are usually just a personalised template.

I like to think at Piratech we are more realistic, we know that starting a business is expensive and we wish for you to succeed so we wont charge you the earth! In fact I can and will guarentee to beat the competition! Included in this is help with all websites, including social media - because your web presence deserves 'more than just a website!'


At Piratech computing we offer an array of services, all of which are far more competitive and much more reliable than the competition; Why? because i have a passion for computers, and i believe that computer repair shouldn't be PIRACY! It doesn't cost £60 to install windows, it does costs some time.., but not that much!

If you would like to see our service list you can follow this link: Piratech services page
I have been fixing computers for well over 10 years, I have lots of experience In the trade which is shown in the reviews on both the yell advert and Facebook! Some are also shown at the bottom of this page. We are fully insured so rest assured that you are in the safest hands possible!

I work from home for 2 reasons:
1. Over heads. I could run a shop, but the costs involved would force me to hike up my prices, which is something that is against my morals and therefore something which I am not comfortable with.
2. In a shop you deal with the same problems day in and day out, whereas I love obscure problems, doing something different, and fixing them is what keeps me passionate about my work!

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What people are saying about piratech on our yell page listing


Have used pirate have for 6months now for all my social media and website problems he built me a website and Facebook pages for my business exactly how I wanted them and a half the cost of which I had been quoted by other people and really cares about what he does


I contacted a number of local companies to see if they could help recover data from an external hard drive. Graham was the only one that replied promptly and assured me he could help (one other company told me I'd have to return it to the manufacturer). A great job and very cheap to boot. I would recommend without reservation.


I'm thoroughly pleased with his service. He really went above and beyond to assist me with my computer troubles, despite it being in his own free time. I highly recommend his services! Whatever it is you need fixed he will complete and save you a lot of stress!


I've taken my laptop to three separate shops on three different occasions and they've fixed it, but only temporarily, I've always had to take it back within a matter of weeks. I've not had that problem since using piratech! They've actually /fixed/ it! No mess, no fuss. Fast, reliable, and proactive ! I would absolutely recommend. I won't use any other PC specialist from now on.